What is Mahahual?

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Mahahual is located in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, 350 km south of Cancún and 142 km from Chetumal. The trip from the nearest airport that is Chetumal takes around 1 hour 45 minutes and from Cancun the trip lasts around 4 hours and 3 hours from Playa del Carmen. The road is very well marked, with easy to read and understand directions. Location of maps

It is only 1 hour from the magical town Bacalar with its lagoon of 7 colors.

If you believe that paradise exists, it is true, IT EXISTS! And it is called Mahahual, considered one of the most promising and beautiful destinations in the state. Its beaches have a color between blue and turquoise green, corals sometimes more, sometimes less distant to the shore, white sand, the best vibes of the Caribbean and apart from everything, it is delicious! Mahahual itself is a beautiful beach that if or if you should know. If you already know the Caribbean, the beaches of Mahahual will end up charming you, its beaches are quite clean and you will lull yourself with its small waves that rock you and its transparent waters of little depth. It has the largest public beach in all of Quintana Roo. It is a place of no more than a thousand smiling, relaxed and happy inhabitants who will treat you in the best way.

What to eat in Mahahual?

In Mahahual you will have the chance to find the peace and beauty that you would expect from the best of the Mexican Caribbean. It is a paradise that is always satisfying, whether it is for vacations oriented to rest or leisure. It is interesting to observe the large number of cruise ships that make a stopover in Mahahual, to enjoy its lovely beaches, practice different water sports, sunbathe and enjoy its privileged climate, but also to enjoy the most delicious cuisine of the place, in its excellent restaurants creations with lobster meat, with clams or fresh fish. Such dishes appear daily in the menus of the restaurants and hotels that are in this Quintana Roo town, but also in the homes of the locals, frank, helpful and always friendly people with tourism. But also, in the hotels of Mahahual, which are few but extremely comfortable and welcoming, dishes from other entities of the Costa Maya, the Riviera Maya and even other countries are offered. For example, in Mahahual, there are places where they prepare pastas and cuts of meat, truly exquisite.

In general, the cuisine of Mahahual is defined by its rich dishes, in others we prepare rich shrimp pate, soups, assorted creams, as well as steaks and fish prepared to the taste of the diner. Marinated rice, chiles stuffed with seafood, succulent dogfish and skewers are other culinary wonders that can be tasted in Mahahual. Tasting these dishes, is the perfect excuse to travel these magnificent beaches, the most attractive with the state of Quintana Roo. In the same way, in this dream environment, there is a great wealth of flora and fauna to contemplate.

What to do in Mahahual?

Apart from enjoying the sea as if there were no tomorrow, there are several activities that may interest you:

Costa Maya Maritime Terminal, a cruise parade!

It is the cruise terminal of Mahahual. This port is the second most important in terms of arrival of cruise ships nationwide, followed by the Port of Cozumel, both in the state of Quintana Roo. Costa Maya is a place to meet the needs and whims of all tourists, has from beach clubs, shops, different dining options to pamper your belly and drink something delicious and of course, also offers tours to the nearest destinations, such as La Laguna de los Siete Colores de Bacalar or the nearby Archeological Zones, such as Chacchobén. Costa Maya also includes an urban development and a water park that has positioned itself as one of the favorite activities of all Mahahual. While you are in Mahahual for food, do not worry, everything is delicious, although lobster is the specialty of the house and fish as well, so be sure to try them.

Water park in Mahahual, Lost Mayan Kingdom

It is a water park very close to the maritime terminal, unique in all of Quintana Roo. You have the years you have, you will feel five years old, running, climbing, going down, because it has two giant circuits of zip lines that cover all the territory that includes the park. The first tour called Tucán, includes seven zip lines and reaches distances of up to 160 meters. and the second, called Águila, takes you between the zip lines, by obstacle courses and hanging bridges. Something I had never seen before was the Kukulkan flight, which is a ride that goes up, down and around, very much like a roller coaster, but instead of going on a cart with a lot of people sharing the collective hysteria, they are throwing each in his harness, it’s an adventure!

To follow the limit of adrenaline are the slides, ranging from the quietest to one that has the feeling of free fall, is green fear and you will not have to explain what it is, you can see from afar that it is the good little merit! At twelve meters high there are other very fine slides, there is one in which you go around like in a blender until you fall into a pool two meters deep, there is another or in which you throw yourself seated in a round inflatable, it’s hilarious !, although my favorite was the one that you throw yourself upside down on a kind of firm rug and has handles, it starts being a closed slide, you take a turn of those legendary and in that you see that the roof opens and you fall at the speed of light, taking out all the water, which will make you stop and feel your eyes come out between the brakes and the emotion. Finally, among the list of slides, I can not help mentioning those that descend from 25 meters high, they are yellow in color and ufff, they are a fast adrenaline experience, one of them is summarized in two descents, so the speed is divided into two slopes and the second has only one slope, you will feel that your heart goes out in the most fun way!

Banco Chinchorro for lovers of diving and snorkeling.

Banco Chinchorro is a natural atoll located 40 km approximately east of the tourist town of Mahahual, about an hour and 15 minutes by boat, is also a protected natural park whose extension extends for just over 40 km of coral reefs, which have been witnesses of stranding of several boats from the time of the conquest of the American continent until our days, in its bed have been found cannons, knives, and vestiges of said past and recent shipwrecks, besides its immense biodiversity that makes it a very special tourist attraction, among lovers of diving and snorkeling.

How to get to Mahahual?

First of all, ensure your flight to Cancun and once in Cancun, take the Federal Highway Puerto Juárez- Chetumal , and after passing the town of Limones, where there is a pyramid on the side of the road, you will see the deviation towards Mahahual on the left. If you come from Chetumal you take the road that goes to Cancun and passing Bacalar, you will see the deviation to the right that leads to Mahahual. If you want to be carefree and just worry about enjoying yourself, there are many options in travel packages that take you to places of interest and even design your trip according to your interests.